Supporting Student Absences During COVID-19

Glenmore Christian Academy values the partnership with parents as we empower our students to thrive in their learning. With COVID-19, the realities of practicing safe community health hygiene means that there is a much higher level of student absenteeism. It is challenging for students to thrive in their learning when they need to stay home frequently.


The following is the support structure which we are implementing as an Elementary school to help support our students and families. It carries a three-prong responsibility. The efforts of the teachers and EAs to provide access to the day’s learning, the efforts of the parents to help their children access and complete the day’s learning, and the effort of the student to engage in the learning and fulfill tasks.

Absent 1 to 4 days:

  • If a student is absent for 1 day, no work will be sent home, as the student will easily catch up when they return.

  • If a student is going to be absent for 2-4 days, the teacher will send home what they can (with a sibling or for a parent to pick-up from the school), and the teacher will also catch the student up when they return to school on that which can't be completed from home (teachers will not create lesson videos for students absent for 2-4 days).


Absent for 5 or more days:

  • If the student is going to be absent for 5 or more days, the teacher will connect with administration about getting a home package from the "Off-Campus Learning Cohort" OCLC; this student will be added to the OCLC Google Classroom for their grade level, so that they can access the daily lesson videos in Math and L.A. Please note that extended length absences will be addressed with administration on an as-needed basis.