Educational Program Changes FAQs

Will non-core subjects be taught this upcoming school year?

Yes, under the government’s scenario 1 for schools, all courses and subjects will be taught at GCA.

Will options be available to Junior High students?

Options will continue to be offered but the school will make modifications to align with guidance from Alberta Health.

Will Band be offered this year?

Band will continue to be offered, but modifications will be required to align with Alberta Health guidance. Band students will continue to use their own instruments, and will not share instruments with other students.

Will Drama be offered this year?

Drama will continue to be offered, but modifications will be required to align with Alberta Health guidance. Drama units will be modified to ensure that students are not in close proximity or touching one another. Students will need to bring their own props and costumes if necessary for assignments.

Will clubs be offered this year?

Where extra-curricular clubs or programs can meet while maintaining physical distancing they can continue, as long as they disinfect touched surfaces after meeting. Clubs that cannot maintain physical distancing are cancelled until further notice. Further details will be available in September.

Will Elementary students be able to join Choristers this school year?

Unfortunately, the Choristers in Elementary are cancelled, as per instructions from Alberta Health to avoid singing in a group.

Will athletics and intramurals be offered this year?

Intramurals are cancelled for the foreseeable future. We will explore possibilities for extracurricular athletic activities and events that fit within current health measures.

Will Music Academy be available this year?

Yes, except for voice lessons. Lessons will be set up to have two metres between the music teacher and student. If this is not possibly, both the teachers and students will be asked to wear masks. Pianos and all other high-touch surfaces in the Music Academy rooms will be disinfected between each student.

If my child is away from school, waiting for COVID-19 test results or with another illness, what support will be available?

Teachers will provide students as much support as possible, similar to how it worked for students who were absent in the past. We will not be using distance learning for students as we did in the spring.

My child requires some individual or specialized support, what is available to them?

GCA continues to provide learning opportunities for students specific to their Individualized Program Plan (IPP) and Differentiated Learning Goals (DLGs) using a variety of approaches. Specialized supports, such as occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists, will provide service following their professional association guidelines. Some of these services will be face-to-face but physically distanced where possible.

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