Educational Program Changes


GCA will maintain its commitment to high quality, Christ centered education during the pandemic.  All courses and subjects will continue to be taught under Scenario 1.  Some activities will need to be modified, as outlined in the sections below.

At-home support

Any student exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home.  GCA recommends that parents of these students complete the online COVID-19 assessment tool through AHS, to determine whether or not testing is required.  To best support each student’s learning, GCA recommends having students tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible.  If the test comes back negative, the student can return to school, and scheduled learning.  During the time off for testing, teachers will provide support, similar to how they would have before the pandemic during a student absence. 

If a student must self-isolate due to COVID-19, their teacher will provide as much support as possible.  It should be noted that this support will not reflect the online learning that occurred in the Spring of 2020, but would instead represent the same level of support that a student would have received before the pandemic.

If an entire grade must self-isolate due to COVID-19, online teaching will occur during the isolation period, similar to the Spring of 2020.

Activity Planning

Where possible, activities will be modified to increase opportunities for physical distancing and reduce sharing of objects.  Any activity involving shared items or equipment will be avoided where possible.  If equipment must be shared, then all shared items must be cleaned and disinfected after each use. 

Field Trips

As per Alberta Health Regulations, all field trips and activities requiring group transportation are postponed at this time.

Junior High Options

Options will continue to be offered, but modifications will be required to align with Alberta Health guidance.  For Band, students will continue to use their own instruments, and will not share instruments with other students.  All music stands will be wiped down between classes.  GCA is exploring options regarding its woodwind instruments.  For Drama, units will be modified to ensure that students are not in close proximity or touching one another.  Students will need to bring their own props and costumes if necessary for assignments.  For Outdoor Education, activities will be modified to promote distancing and disinfecting of shared equipment before use.  For Art, activities will be modified to eliminate use of shared equipment whenever possible.  When shared equipment is used, it will be disinfected between each use.

Extra-Curricular Clubs / Programs

Where extra-curricular clubs or programs can meet while maintaining physical distancing they can continue, as long as participants disinfect touched surfaces after meeting. Clubs that cannot maintain physical distancing are cancelled until further notice.  The Elementary Choristers are cancelled, considering Alberta Health’s advice to avoid singing where possible.

Athletics & Intramurals

GCA is exploring possibilities for extra-curricular athletic activities and events within the context of current health measures.  Intramurals are cancelled for the foreseeable future.  Further information about whether or not other athletics programs can proceed will be provided when available.  GCA will follow all protocols established by Alberta Health regarding these activities.

Supporting Students Who Require Individual/Specialized Support

GCA will maintain learning opportunities for students specific to their Individualized Program Plan (IPP) and Differentiated Learning Goals (DLGs) using a variety of approaches. Specialized supports, such as occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists, will provide service following their professional association guidelines. Some of these services will be face-to-face but physically distanced where possible. It is expected that many of these professionals will need to wear various personal protective equipment in order to minimize risks.


Supporting the Mental Health of our Community

GCA recognizes the negative effect on mental health that this pandemic has had for our staff, students and families.  GCA will continue to leverage its existing mental health supports throughout the pandemic.  This includes GCA’s fulltime Family/School Liaison Counselor, and pastoral supports.  Parents will also have access to recommended mental health supports through the Parent Website.  

Term One Physical Education Plan - Junior High

Change-room Plan

Students will use sanitizer as they enter the gym. They will line up against the wall, and be released 5 at a time to change. They will be given 2 min to change, and sanitize again as they leave the change-room before re-entering the gym. The next five will be released to change until everyone is changed.

At the end of class, the same protocol will be repeated. They will wait in the gym until the bell rings, signaling a class change.

Sharing of Equipment

Students in a grade level will share equipment. Students in other grades will not use equipment already in use. A unit will finish on a Thursday, and the equipment related to the unit will not be in use for 72 hours before being used by another grade level. Where possible, equipment will be sanitized in between classes and after each unit before moving onto the next grade. (ie. Grade 9’s playing basketball, while the Grade 8’s play volleyball. Finish a unit on Thursday, have equipment sit until Monday (72 hours), at which point A unit will finish on a Thursday, and the equipment related to the unit will not be in use for 72 hours before being used by another grade level. Grade 9 will play volleyball and grade 8’s will play basketball.

Example of Units and Dates

Unit 1 – September 16 – October 2

Unit 2 – October 5 – October 30

Fitness Testing – November 2 – 13 (Report Cards due on November 16)

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