Finance FAQs

Was GCA awarded any additional educational funding related to COVID-19?

No, GCA did not receive any additional funding. As an independent school, GCA was ineligible for the $250M 'Accelerated Capital School Funding' announced by the Government of Alberta. Public schools typically receive 'instructional funding' and 'capital funding'. Instructional funding is budgeted for annual operational costs, such as salaries, instructional supplies and building maintenance. Capital funding is allocated for major expenditures on facilities, such as building extensions on schools, playground equipment and major equipment replacement (i.e. boilers, HVAC units, etc.) GCA, as an independent school, receives no capital funding and approximately 65% of the instructional funding public schools receive. Where the typical public school would receive $13,000 in capital and instructional funding for a student, GCA receives around $5,400. This is why GCA must charge tuition.

Will tuition change due to the increased costs related to COVID-19?

No, GCA has budgeted prudently in order to bear the costs of the operational changes (dismissal app, additional custodian, cleaning materials, etc.) without having to increase tuition in 2020-2021.

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