Other Guidelines

Appendix A  - Music Academy Guidelines

With the exception of Voice lessons, Music Academy will proceed.  Physical distancing of two metres between teacher and student will be required at all times during the lessons.  Where this isn’t possible, the teachers will be expected to wear masks.  Pianos and all other touch surfaces in the Music Academy rooms will be disinfected between each student.

Appendix B – Busing Guidelines

GCA’s busing program will continue, through the use of its service provider, First Student.  First Student will implement strict cleaning protocols between each trip.  Their drivers will be expected to wear Personal Protective Equipment.

At the time of writing, bus enrollment can accommodate for each family unit to be contained to their own seat.  GCA will implement a seating plan, where all family members sit together.  Where possible, one seat will be between each family.  For pick-up in the morning, First Student will load the first students on the bus starting at the back, moving to the front through later stops.  Once at the school, GCA staff will unload the bus from front to back.  This will prevent students from passing one another on the bus.  After school, busses will be loaded with the last stop at the back of the bus, and the first stop in the front, again ensuring that students do not pass one another when loading or unloading. It is mandatory for Grades 4-9 wear masks on the bus and that we encourage students in K-Grade 3 to wear masks on the bus. Safety protocols can be viewed here.

Appendix C – Out of School Care Guidelines

GCA’s Out of School care program operates as per guidance and guidelines set out by the Alberta Government regarding Child Care Services.  GCA will adhere to all of the most recent direction and guidelines from Alberta Child Care Services and Alberta Health Services for all programs, including the existing ABC Out-of-School Care Program, the Kindergarten Cubs Program, and for the new Junior Kindergarten Daycare Program.  Please visit this site: https://www.alberta.ca/child-care-during-covid-19.aspx to review guidelines that will be followed.

Appendix D – Rental Guidelines

GCA will continue to rent its facility to the community under Scenario 1.  However, all rentals must adhere to strict health guidelines, as a condition of their rental agreement.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Having all participants do the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire (Appendix F) before entering the building.

  • Ensure any participant that is exhibiting any symptoms does not enter the facility.

  • Ensure all participants use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit.

  • Ensure all participants arrive no more than 10 minutes before rental commences, and stay in their vehicles until the rental time (no loitering on premises)

  • Ensure drop off and pick up rental participants (if applicable) is completed curbside with drivers remaining in their vehicle.

  • Follow marked one-way traffic flow in the hallways.

  • Not utilize change areas or locker rooms.

  • Ensure physical distancing of 2 metres at all times while within the facility.

  • Keep a log of all participants each day.

  • Provide a health and safety plan in accordance with the guidelines provided by Alberta Health Services, outlining how they intend to follow AHS guidelines during the rental.

GCA reserves the right to reject rental applications due to concerns regarding the proposed activities, as student and community safety is paramount to GCA.  

A GCA custodian is always assigned to rentals, and disinfection afterwards.  The GCA custodian will ensure that the rental is contained to their designated rental area, and that any surfaces touched during the rental are disinfected before the next school day.

Appendix E – Contractor Guidelines

Contractors required for facilities maintenance will be allowed into the facility.  Contractors must complete the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire, and not enter the building if exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19. 

Contractors will be required to sign in and out (as usual).  Contractors will be expected to physically distance by two metres at all times, and wear masks when not able to physically distance.   If the contractor does not have a mask, GCA will provide one.  Contractors will be booked on weekends and during other periods of time that students are not in the building as much as possible. 

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