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PikMyKid is a safe and efficient school dismissal platform. Utilizing your smartphone, you will be able to inform teachers when you are in the parking lot and ready to pick up your student. At that time, teachers will receive a notification from you, as well as your location, and are then able to dismiss your student. We will have assistants in the parking lot to help students navigate to your vehicle safely.

Register through the App

The first step is to download the PikMyKid app. Upon downloading, you will be prompted to register. Please choose the email you provided to the school as your primary email.

Once you have filled out your information in the initial registration page, you will be required to enter your full name (step 2), your email (step 3) and your phone number (step 4) as per the screens below.

Once you've entered in the information, you will be instructed to choose a password (step 5), and verify your information (step 6). You will receive a text with a final code to enter (step 7), and then you are set! You will return to the initial log-in screen.

Using the App

After you've signed in with your email and password, you'll notice that Glenmore Christian Academy and your child(ren) are already listed in your profile. The PikMyKid app is only used for pick-up at the end of the school day. The "walking" icon beside the names will always stay the same, regardless of whether you are picking up your student with a vehicle or choosing the "walk home" option.

The pencil icon will allow you to edit a student's profile and indicate where the student should meet with you in the lots. As indicated in the parking lot traffic flow page, there are three "lot" options to choose from: Elementary Lot 1, Elementary Lot 2, or Junior High Car Line.

Once you have arrived in the lot, you can edit your child's profile to indicate where you can be located. Click on the pencil icon, click edit and you will arrive on a calendar page. Choose the pencil icon again next to DEFAULT PICKUP MODE: to pick the designated lot (or the Walking Off Campus option).

After having indicated your location, you can close the calendar edit screen. At this time, you will return to the screen with your students. Repeat the above actions for your other students. Once you have completed this, close the "edit" page for your students and you will see an "announce" button highlighted in green.

At this time, click on "announce". A screen with your student's name will appear, alongside with their designated number. You've done all that you need to do!

Your child's teacher will then receive notification that you are in the parking lot, and where you are located. At that time, your child will be dismissed. There will be a significant staff presence in the parking lot to ensure our youngest students are navigated safely to your vehicles. 

Other Important Features

PikMyKid allows you to designate other individuals to pick up your child, whether it's another relative, or a carpooling circumstance. Upon logging into the app, once again choose the pencil icon to make edits. 

In order to activate this option, navigate to the calendar page and select a future date. At this time, a new screen appears with three options: change pickup mode, delegate to another person and after-school programs.

Change Pickup Mode gives you the option to change the location of where you are picking up your child on a future day. The options include all three of the "lots" and "walking home."

After-School Programs allows you to indicate if your child is enrolled in programs running at GCA such as Young Rembrants, or extra-curricular sports. These are not currently options at this time, however we will add those options should they become available.

Delegate to Another Person gives you the opportunity to include any other guardians, family members, or designated carpooling parents. PikMyKid allows you to access your phone book for contacts to input easily into the system. This feature can be set up in advance for pick-up, or for any last-minute changes that may be necessary.

Please note: the app is not required for students enrolled in the ABC or busing programs. If you are, at any point, changing the pick-up mode, the app will need to be used. The system has already been programmed to indicate which students are enrolled in ABC or who take the bus at the end of the day.

When the drop off/pick up lanes are full, you will be directed to either find a parking spot or to circle around until there is an available spot in the lanes. If you are parked on the street, please exit your vehicle and go to your child's designated entrance/exit as per the map below, and wait outside. Once there, choose the "Walk Off Campus" option and announce your arrival.

If you have more than one student and are parked on the street, please arrange for a designated outdoor meeting spot in advance so your children can find you easily. Once again, walk to the designated meeting spot before you choose the "Walk Off Campus" option and announce. 

For more extensive details, view this video to understand how the PikMyKid program works for parents. If you are having trouble registering, please reach out to 

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