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Build Day 2: Rain and Rainbows

We started out this morning driving out of the rain on the base, into what appeared to be bluer skies and a beautiful rainbow which was posted on Instagram.

Rainbows really can't happen without rain. In the case of today, that was very true. I must sadly share that I was not able to get the amount of photos today that I was hoping to, simply because the rain (and in some cases, hail) was too overwhelming for me to get many pictures. To give you an example of my attempts, the first picture was me on Build Day 1. The second picture was of me today.

While the second picture doesn't show the pelting rain or hail, believe me (and your kids can attest to it), it was there. That said, we did get some pictures today and the kids were truly amazing. Instead of moping around, they got to work continuing with the build, recognizing that while their discomfort was temporary, this is what the families they were building for have to live with regularly. Between myself, Kim, and a few from Mrs. Allan (I have some more I'll add from Pastor Dave later), we managed to get some shots in of our students enduring the elements while working.

Our small party of three became four today when Luis joined us as driver. We went from American, Brit and Canadian to Mexican, American, Brit and Canadian. I feel like there's a story in there somewhere... in any case, Luis was a master at navigating the dirt roads in this weather, and our first stop was at the Yellow Team site. They got straight to work, really demonstrating the power of a team. Here are their pics. (Keep reading afterwards for more).

Our next stop was with the Green Team. Sadly, the rain grew quite heavy quite quickly. The majority of the team were working in the house and we were hindering the space, so we had to cut short our visit. Thankfully, Pastor Dave got more for us to add! Here are our Green Team pics.

We weren't sure how much we'd get of the Orange team, either. We drove down the hill and up the opposite side where the weather wasn't quite as extreme (although the rain continued and the water was flowing consistently). The team was working away with smiles just as the other two teams had been. The family struggled to put a tarp over their current home as the rain soon started to come...

The rain returned and our vehicle needed to get going off to the Red Team which is a bit of a longer stretch away from the other teams. Thankfully, their site wasn't being hammered with rain, however they had their own share of 'wet' to deal with.

The day was definitely a long, cold and wet one, but the teams came back with positive spirits and definite appetites. We got to celebrate Taylor K's birthday with donuts before the evening session (and a song for her, of course). After worship, the session began reflecting on Jesus and the nature of giving our sins to him, and ended with an unexpected passion play leading up to the cross on the hill and a bonfire. Pastor Dave asked the students to reflect upon their relationship with Him. Tomorrow, we will be shopping for the families and handing over the keys to their new homes. In the afternoon, we will be heading to the market. Let's hope it's not quite as wet as today!

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