• Colleen Allan and Team

Build Day One

From Mrs. Allan: "We are so proud of your kids. Everyone worked really hard today and spent time getting to know our families. There was lots of painting, framing, and truss building. Two of our families fed us a delicious lunch. The houses are over an hour away so there lots of stories from the van rides to and from. Tonight we will participate in the Passion Play so pray that God reveals himself powerfully to the students."

From Mrs. Nelson: "The first build day was terrific for team one. Everyone worked really hard to get the walls up. You would be very proud! Our family is from southern Mexico and does not speak Spanish so our interpreter has an interpreter. They have 3 children and have been living in a make shift shack. It was touching to see the children’s faces when they saw that they will have real windows in their new home. The family also made some food for our team that lots of the students tried. There will be a passion play tonight and I know many of the students hearts will be touched. Wow what a wonderful day!"

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