• Colleen Allan and Team

Build Day Three

From Mrs. Nelson: "We had the best day yet! Finishing the house and handing over the keys in a ceremony was an incredibly humbling and emotional experience. Knowing that our beautiful family’s lives have changed forever and we did it! Our students were very generous and we were able to purchase a small fridge, security bars to the windows, school uniforms and many groceries today. The family was overwhelmed and incredibly grateful. All of our lives are changed."

From Mrs. Allan: "What an amazing day! It is so hard to express the incredible moment of handing a mom or a dad the keys to a dry floor and roof over their kids heads at night. Your kids were amazing again and would make you so proud.  Many were deeply moved by the experience and had very encouraging words for our families.Tonight we had some free time and will get to bed early because a couple of our teams are up very early to go serve breakfast in our ministry day.

Remember to do online check in for your students tomorrow evening.  See you soon."

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