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Day One: We have arrived!

After our goodbyes at the airport this morning, we had a rather bumpy flight into San Diego with no in-flight entertainment! So lots of naps were had and we arrived safely. The kids loved the sunshine and palm trees having just left snowy Calgary a few hours earlier. We were an impressive site loading onto two busses in our matching hoodies. Our next stop was In-n-Out Burger and Chick-fil-A for a much needed late lunch. Many t-shirts were purchased from the former, but the latter was certainly popular with the majority of our students. Some even made a trip to both!

Soon after we piled back on the busses to get to the border. The border crossing went smoothly, although trying to get all of us through definitely took some time. All went well, however, and we were back on the busses and heading to San Antonio Del Mar. What a truly beautiful site! From the beautiful view of the ocean, to the warm welcome from all of the staff, it was clear that we were in good hands. After settling into our rooms, and having an empanada dinner (while delicious, many were still stuffed from lunch!), the kids headed outside to enjoy the soccer field, volleyball pit, and each others' company. Chapel starts in 15 minutes and afterwards, there are sure to be some early bedtimes given the excitement of the day.

Thank you for your continued prayers. It is my hope to post every night around this time, so stay tuned for more! It is truly a beautiful place, and the kids are all having a wonderful time. The pics are in reverse order, but cover the day!

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