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Mexico Day 1 Evening

Chapel was filled with fun. As an icebreaker, the students and staff partook in a 'get to know you/speed "dating" type exercise' (as they joked about the similarity). They stood in two lines, facing another student, and answered the designated questions such as:

  • "Cat or Dog?"

  • "What would your superpower be?"

  • "Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with for eight hours?"

Once they answered the questions and discussed, one line moved one person down and so forth.

As you can imagine, there were some very entertaining answers.

After that, everyone headed back outside for some free time before bed. The volleyball pit was full, with Mr. Tweedle and Mr. Knibbe refereeing. Races started happening on the soccer field - both running and speed walking (it was amazing to see all the energy the kids had despite the day of travel and the early morning!). A third group got into a very active game of hide-and-seek tag before lounging around the fire pit. All in all, it was a great way to end the day. While we may be getting some rain later on today, the sunrise was filled with birdsong. Day one of training begins! Will include more pics and details this evening.

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