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Mexico Day 2 Part 1

The day started out with birdsong during sunrise. The kids all enjoyed a warm breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes before heading down to the sprung structure for our morning team-building activities. To start, we heard from Don (see our GCA Instagram page for a snippet) who reminded us of the symbolism of the mustard seed and how it related to Jesus, and to us personally. Don shared the history of YWAM and how it was the simple question of a young girl that sparked the growth of YWAM years earlier.

After that, the group got up to play the 'electric current' game in two lines. There was a question or two regarding how 'accurate' the current was, but in the end, it was a lot of fun. Finally, the students separated into their teams to meet their YWAM build leaders and discuss what ministry they would be doing:

  • Red Team - Will be giving out sandwiches to families in the dump area

  • Orange Team - Will be visiting school-aged kids in the orphanage and performing a play

  • Yellow Team - Will be helping out serving breakfasts to local children at Estelas

  • Green Team - Will be visiting The Ranch rehab centre

After the initial discussion, they started two team-building activities - all good-naturedly competing for points. The first was to create a unique group chant (Yellow won). The second was to put together the tallest free-standing tower using the provided items in 10 minutes (Orange won). After a delicious lunch of salad, chicken and pasta, and another break, the kids and leaders all piled into vans to visit the Border Wall by the Playa de Tijuana. The significance of the wall reminded us all of the freedoms we enjoy at home, and the blessings we have. And after that, we were blessed with double scoops of ice cream courtesy of YWAM. We even saw the original YWAM base back from when Pastor Dave went on his first mission trip with Mrs. Allan and GCA (see pic below - a little different now!). The kids are currently on a break after dinner (we're praying it doesn't rain, but so far, it's not looking too good...) and afterwards, we will break for another session. Stay tuned - hoping for more pics after that. Until then, here are the pics from today so far!

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