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Monday Ministry

Update from Sunday night:

After the blog was sent, students gathered around the bonfire for prayer and testimony time. Twelve different students shared their testimony with the group, talking about the way Jesus has impacted their lives. We were so proud of students for vulnerably sharing and encouraging their peers at this time. This was a powerful time and we are certainly seeing students encounter God’s heart and grow in their faith!

Today the teams headed out for their ministry day. After breakfast, the green team headed out to “The Ranch,” a treatment center where they were able to serve burgers and play volleyball with the men who live there. Team Orange spent the morning visiting an orphanage where they played games with the kids, painted faces, made balloon animals, and shared their Bible skits. It was incredible to see students connecting with the kids. There were some tears in our student’s eyes as they hugged and said goodbye.

During this time, team Blue and Yellow visited a garbage dump. This may seem like a strange place to stop and visit… But here, students see some of the most extreme living conditions as people live amongst the garbage, carving out shelters and forming communities. A church serves the people who live here, supplying filtered water, services, and some meals. Students handed out sandwiches and water bottles and prayed for the people living there. Many students were impacted by what they witnessed there. (You won’t see any photographs, because there is a strict policy of no photography at the dump.) 

In the afternoon, Team Blue and Yellow visited orphanages, while Orange went to the garbage dump to minister. If you look carefully at the pictures, you can tell certain students made some great connections with the kids. We will be ending the day with a chapel service featuring our speaker, Marty, who is sharing about what it means to experience Christ.

It’s been great to see students sitting and talking to each other, or playing games on the field, or connecting in the volleyball pit during their free time. It’s very evident that not having their phones for this part of the trip has been a real blessing. There is so much more authentic connection happening than what we might normally see. 

Please continue to pray for healing as a few students have been sick on and off. (We have contacted parents as necessary so no need to worry!) Thank you for your continued support. We are more and more convinced that this trip is an essential part of helping students to experience Christ and serve through love. 

We are incredibly excited to begin building tomorrow and we cannot wait to see how God continues to work in the lives of our students.

Be blessed!

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