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Saturday in Full Detail!

We awoke to a chilly overcast morning as students filed into the main hall for breakfast. After eating, our time was spent doing team-building activities, learning some common Spanish phrases, completing training in basic evangelism with our speaker Marty, preparing Bible story skits to perform to the kids, and talking about our testimonies. Students were challenged to think about their faith and consider whether they have made a commitment to follow Jesus or not. I was encouraged watching students prepare their testimonies and thoughtfully consider how their lives have been impacted by Jesus. The YWAM staff has already done an incredible job of getting to know the students and engaging them in great conversations, games, and activities. 

For lunch, the groups headed out for some authentic Mexican tacos, which is always a highlight of the trip. Some students were more adventurous with their food choices, while others avoided the salsa and the heat! After lunch, team green and orange went to the market and had fun buying souvenirs and trying their hand at bartering. Some were more successful than others!  During this time, blue and yellow went to visit the border wall and saw firsthand the reality of life in Tijuana. I can tell the experience has already been very eye opening to many students, and we pray for more healthy discomfort. 

The sun came out this evening just in time for “golden hour” as the teams arrived back at the base for dinner together. The sunset over the ocean was the perfect capstone to the end of our first full day. Chapel this evening will feature our speaker sharing on the week’s theme, “Taste and See.” 

Continue to pray for encounters with the living God in this trip. I truly believe that there are opportunities for each student to experience something special from God during our time here. Thank you for entrusting your children to our care, and we will continue to look out for them and encourage them in these new and exciting experiences. 

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