• Colleen Allan and Team

Build Day 2

From Mrs. Nelson: "Team one had another great building day. The students worked really hard and the home is nearly complete. We will add all of the finishing touches and go shopping for groceries tomorrow morning with the money we collect from students tonight. Our family made us a wonderful lunch again. This time is was a yummy chicken and corn soup. The puppies continue to be very popular as well.

Students are saddened by the poverty we are confronted with here and have been reflecting on the disparity between their lives and the family that we are serving. It is not easy to see what our family has been living in. All of our hearts are changing as we serve and it is a true privilege to be here and give hope to our family that so desperately needs it."

From Mrs. Allan: "What a great day!  Once again - you would be so so proud of your kids.

The students were moving constantly - trying out different parts of the build, laughing, having water fights, and actually roof, drywall, paint and install windows. God is moving in the students' hearts and really speaking into our lives.

As I write this, it is breakfast for Build Day 3 and we are already weeping as we thinking of the incredible blessing your kids are going to be to these families as they hand over the keys to the houses.  Last night we were astounded as we took up the grocery donation.  We have over $800 per family to bless with groceries and some extra essentials like a fridge or electricity.  It's going to be a great day. Tonight we will be celebrating the birthdays this week and sharing all our stories from our day."

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