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The Day After the Build

Updated: Mar 25

Hello parents! Sorry for the smaller post yesterday, but as you are now aware, we had some sick kids and I was helping to play Florence Nightingale. :) That said, kids are on the mend and we're all hiding from the rain in the Onion (chapel space) sharing our experiences on the build and now having some fun playing a Kahoot. Sadly, the rain was too heavy today for us to venture out to the various ministry spaces due to the state of the roads. Still, this has been a truly special experience as the students have shared some amazing moments.

I have collected photos and am in the midst of sorting them out from yesterday, so will also be including galleries. In the meantime, here are some shots of them RIGHT NOW as we play the Kahoot and I will share more later on. The plan after this is to go out and get a taco lunch and then head out to the market before returning back.

Thank you for your continued prayers and stay tuned...

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