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Three Team Updates!

From Mrs. Allan and Mr. Tennant: "We had a great Sunday with lots of new experiences.  Our team went to Los Playos to All People's Church.  The students really enjoyed the worship atmosphere and the Mexican worship music.  After another taco lunch we went to an orphanage in  a community called La Gloria.  This orphanage has approximately 24 teenagers.  The GCA students made new friends by playing soccer playing some basketball and painting nails.  They also painted some new walls for the home.  At chapel tonight Jud's talk was titled "Strike the Match" as he expanded on Romans12 and the process of transformation. We are hoping for a good night sleep as we start our build tomorrow."

From Mrs. Nelson: "After devotions we went to Pastor Victor’s church where some students ran Sunday school for the children and Madi and Laura shared their testimonies. Their stories were very powerful and impacting to the congregation. One young woman was powerfully moved by God in a significant way through prayer and touched her heart. We then went for yummy tacos for lunch. I don’t think we can eat too many tacos on this trip! After lunch, we came back to the YWAM base to participate in Ministry 101 where we listened in prayer to guide our afternoon. We ended up ministering at the Tijuana Playa by giving our flowers to people who we felt led to give them to. The Playa had many slights, sounds and smells to take in. We had ice cream down by the wall before we headed back to the base. Our chapel this evening focussed on ‘Lighting the Match’ and compared metamorphosis to our faith. It was a fantastic day and we are really looking forward to starting the build tomorrow."

From Mrs. Guenter and Mr. Robertson: "Today, we went to an amazing church run by a woman named Vanessa. Everyone was very welcoming and a couple of our students were involved in the service. Harrison read a passage of scripture and Anne shared her testimony, which was a powerful encouragement to all who were present. Afterwards, we went out for tacos and then drove a ways over to a garbage dump. People reside in the dump, living off of items brought in by the trucks, most of whom have been there for their entire lives. We spent some time handing out sandwiches to the people in the dump. We were told that this may have been the first meal that they had in the past month and this highly impacted all of us."

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