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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

From Mrs. Nelson: "Team one had an excellent last day. We spent the morning with a beautiful lady named Estella, who feeds neighbourhood children out of her home using her own resources. Our team cooked and served eggs, bacon, etc. to children on their way to school. We had tacos again for lunch, and then went to the market in the afternoon. It was interesting to see what the students purchased! We then debriefed together about our week, and reflected on what God has done in each of our hearts. We also each shared what we will do differently in our lives as we move forward from this experience."

From Mr. Robertson and Mrs. Guenter: "We had an excellent day together, starting with some devotional and free time in the morning. After that, we had an early taco lunch at a fish tacos stand called “Titos” and then drove out to a Ministry where they serve lunch and offer homework help to prepare lunch for 17 children. Afterwards, we visited the markets and picked up some souvenirs, and returned to the base for a final debrief. It was beautiful to listen to your children encourage and call out the positive things they noticed about each other from the week. We’re so proud of your kids and how they’ve stepped up and worked, demonstrating the love of Christ in a powerful way. Thank you for placing them in our trust and allowing us to work alongside them this week in Tijuana! They’ll certainly have plenty of stories to share!"

From Mrs. Allan: "And that's a wrap! We had another great day. Team 3 (Tennant and Allan) were up early this morning to go to a beautiful orphanage to cook and serve breakfast.  The kids in the orphanage were full of joy and excited to bring us board games to play or challenge the GCA students at hoops.  Then it was off to Rosarito for Tacos and the markets.

This trip has been fantastic.  God has shown us His amazing love and opened our eyes to His world in a much bigger way. We have a final night chapel and then packing our suitcases up to get ready to head to the airport tomorrow. Parents, your kids will be very excited to give you hugs at YYC.  They are going to be exhausted, but in time, they will have many tales to tell. Thank you so much for sending your kids with us. Thank you for your support and most of all thank you for your prayers.  God is beautiful.

Anyone who is reading this - please join us Wednesday night at the school to hear the students share their stories from Mexico 2020. Gloria a Dios!"

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