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PowerSchool Unified Classroom provides access to classroom content, Junior High grades, absence reporting and electronic forms. What you would have previously found in Google Classroom, ConnectEd (for Junior High), myGCA and grade websites is now located all in one place.


PowerSchool gives parents a more consistent experience from class to class, a centralized point to communicate with the school, and access to student assignments and grades as they are entered. We are confident you will find this system to be more efficient and convenient than ever before.


You will be able to access PowerSchool through the parent portal or through the GCA app. Sign up details will come out on September 8. Please see the step-by-step process below for how to set up your PowerSchool account.

Signing Up

On September 8, you will receive emails via School Messenger with access codes and passwords for each of your children. You will need that information before creating your PowerSchool account. Once you have received those, you are ready to begin.

Your first step is to go to gca.powerschool.com

Once you arrive at this screen, choose the Parent Sign In option. As noted in the text, you will then be redirected to the main sign in page.

An important note about this page: this is NOT the page where you will input your student's access code and password. This is where you will create your own personal account. The information you received regarding your students comes later.

Down at the bottom, you will see the option to create an account. Please choose that option.

Create your account with your chosen email and password and submit. 

You can use whichever email you like for your PowerSchool ID.

Congratulations!  Your account has been created. Now you are ready to continue the sign in process. Click on the Continue to Unified Classroom Sign in button.

Sign in with your new PowerSchool ID and password. 

At this time, you are going to want to have your students' access codes and passwords at the ready.

This is the point where you will link your account with that of your student or students. 

Add the information for your first student. 

If you have MORE THAN ONE student, please do NOT click on the Continue button until you have added all your students. Instead, once you've added your first student, click on the Add Another Student button. This will allow you to add all of your children before choosing the Continue button.

Once you've added a student, and clicked Add Another Student, the first student will end up at the top of your screen as seen here. This will continue until you have added your final student.

Once all of your students have been added, click Continue.

At this time, you'll be directed to Unified Classroom!

What happens if I forgot to add a student and hit Continue?

You can still add your students - it just works a little differently. First of all, follow the instructions to sign in to Unified Classroom.

Once you are in Unified Classroom, you will be navigated to the dashboard of the registered student. Up in the top right corner, click on the circle icon with your initials - in the case of this diagram, SM.

Choose the Settings option.

Click on the My Settings option under PowerSchool. A new tab will open and you will be navigated to a new page in PowerSchool. Choose the tab that says "Students".

On this tab you will see the registered student. Choose Add to input another student.

The following screen will pop up. Input your student's information as provided to you via School Messenger.

Once you're done, you'll get the following screen. Return to your Unified Classroom tab and refresh the page. Your new student should be available (see Unified Classroom for instructions on how to navigate between students). If you do not see your new student, please log out and log back in.

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