Staff Guidelines

Screening, Time-off

Staff will not be allowed into the building if exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.   All staff are expected to complete the questionnaire in Appendix F before going to work. Staff will be expected to complete the AHS COVID-19 self assessment if symptomatic and to follow through with testing if required.  Time-off policies have been adjusted to ensure that staff are not unduly penalized for staying home due to illness.   Further details can be found in the COVID-19 Staff Policy.

Substitute Teaching

GCA recognizes that it may incur increased staff absenteeism due to its strict screening policies.  As such, GCA has worked to increase its substitute teaching list to ensure availability of substitutes.  GCA also encourages internal coverage where possible.  Any teachers who are staying home from work due to illness are encouraged to complete the AHS COVID-19 Self-Assessment as soon as possible, so that they may get tested and return to work as soon as they’ve received clearance from AHS to do so. 


Employee Hygiene

GCA promotes frequent and proper hand hygiene for employees.  Employees must wash their hands before and after eating, when entering the building, when leaving the building, when entering class spaces and when leaving class spaces.  Where hand-washing isn’t practical, hand sanitizing is required.  Proper handwashing procedure includes washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using the provided hand sanitizer.   Hand washing with soap and water is required if the employee has visibly dirty hands.


Hand sanitizer (approved by Health Canada) will be placed at entrances/exits, classrooms and high traffic areas.

GCA’s employees should also follow proper respiratory etiquette (e.g., coughing or sneezing into a bent elbow, promptly disposing of used tissues in the trash).


Signage has been placed throughout the facility to encourage proper hand hygiene and the regular practice of hand washing.


Illness while at the school

Staff members will not enter the building if they have symptoms of COVID-19.  GCA will maintain a zero tolerance policy for illness, for both staff and students.

If an employee becomes sick while at work, the following requirements apply:

  • Employees who begin having COVID-19 symptoms while at school should leave and begin isolation at home immediately.

  • If unable to leave due to coverage concerns, the staff member will contact their supervisor; it is the expectation that the administrator will personally replace the ill employee, or find an internal coverage replacement as soon as possible.

  • After being directed to leave the school, symptomatic employees should follow hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette and maintain at least 2 meters of distance from all others.

  • Once a sick individual has left the workplace, GCA’s facility staff will clean and disinfect all surfaces and areas with which they may have come into contact.

  • GCA’s administration will consider and record the names of all close contacts (employees and students) that the sick worker has been in contact with that day and in the 48 hours prior to when the symptoms started. This information may be necessary if the sick employee later tests positive for COVID-19.


Staff Safety Protocols

As per direction by Alberta Health, physical distancing will be required in shared spaces such as the staffroom, hallways and classrooms.  GCA will set staffroom occupancy limits as required.


All staff will be required to wipe down high touch surfaces that they use in the staffroom before it is used by another member of staff (e.g. microwave touch panel, toaster, coffee maker).  No activities that involve the sharing of food between staff should occur. Increased cleaning measures will ensure that the staffroom is cleaned by the custodial team immediately after lunch.


Physical distancing is expected at all meetings (including team meetings).  Meetings will be held via Zoom if adequate space is not available for all participants of the meeting to physically distance (e.g. staff meetings and devotions).


It is an expectation that all staff will model appropriate hand hygiene and physical distancing practices to the students throughout the day, and encourage students to adhere to these practices.



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