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Student Showcase

Graham Barreth

This is Graham’s first year playing football, but already he has become committed to the sport; he is a strong athlete and loves competition, considering it fun! When asked his biggest challenge in football, Graham has a pointed reply: “The big guy in front of me.” He enjoys football so much, he may even consider it as a career one day. Scoring his first touchdown was hugely exciting, Graham says, and he looks forward to doing that many times over the years. Asked if he has a message for everyone, Graham warns opponents to watch out: “I may be small, but I ain’t weak!” 


Graham, your passion for the game is inspiring. May God richly bless you as you continue to pursue the sport!

Finnley Olson

Finn’s favorite part of playing football? Scoring, of course! He says getting touchdowns is a great feeling, and it’s hard to argue with that! When asked about the hardest part of the sport, he has a one-word reply: losing. But it’s still worth the sweat and pain of engaging in a sport he loves. Finn has played football for two years now and is going to keep at it. His older brother also plays; it’s a family thing for the Olsons. 

Finnley is so dedicated to excellence in football, he has won “Most Valuable Player”. 

Congratulations, Finn! God bless you as you continue to pursue excellence.

Jesse Miller

Jessie has played football for two years, and has played six positions in that time. He hopes to have a long career in the sport, with his sights focused on playing in the NFL someday! For Jessie, camaraderie is a huge part of the experience; he’s met many friends through the sport. The biggest challenge Jessie has faced in football is competing in the Division I semi-finals. Memorable moments for Jessie include the time he got an interception, and when he stripped a ball - causing a fumble that allowed his team to regain possession. 


Awesome, Jessie! God bless you as you continue to point to His glory on and off the field.

Britton Burnand

Britton has been playing football for two years. In that time, he has proven his excellence in both skills and leadership. Britton recently made the Bantam Selects team and went to Las Vegas to compete against teams from all around North America! He was also named the Bantam Colts’ Outstanding Lineman of the Year. He enjoys the rough and tumble aspects of the game, never hesitating to tackle, and persevering through injuries. Britton is working toward a football scholarship to a U.S. University. 


God bless you, Britton, as you aim for this goal - we know you'll do it!

Marcus Burnand

Marcus has played football for two years, and received “Rookie of the Year” in his very first year in the sport! Football demands a lot of dedication, and Marcus brings his full attention to each game and practice, enjoying the sensation of getting right in the action and getting to work to support his team. He hopes to play High School football, and we have no doubt he will add to his gridiron achievements in years to come. Marcus has great memories of playing, particularly that time he got an interception for a touchdown. Way to go, Marcus!


 May God bless you with strength and speed in your football endeavors!

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