Supporting Student Absences During COVID-19

Glenmore Christian Academy values the partnership with parents as we empower our students to thrive in their learning. With COVID-19, the realities of practicing safe community health hygiene means that there is a much higher level of student absenteeism. It is challenging for students to thrive in their learning when they need to stay home frequently.


The following is the support structure which we are implementing as a Junior High school to help support our students and families. It carries a three-prong responsibility. The efforts of the teachers and EAs to provide access to the day’s learning, the efforts of the parents to help their children access and complete the day’s learning, and the effort of the student to engage in the learning and fulfill tasks.


Absent 1 to 4 days:

  • Students will find their day’s content on their class pages. Teachers will post the topics discussed and links to readings or videos and assignments.

  • It is the students and parents responsibility to access the UC class pages to continue their learning. The school will strive to provide missed tests as soon as possible, either in class, or proctored by Mrs. Bakker (our Off Campus Education Assistant).

  • Parents and students can access grades on Unified Classroom as a tool to see if the student has caught up with missed work.

  • As in the past, students will have until one week prior to the end of each term to complete their missed assignments.


Absent for extended time:

  • When we know a student will be away for five or more days, the student will be invited to join the Grade’s live streaming Cohort.

  • Mrs. Allan will send the Live Streaming Class Schedule and Zoom link invites for each teacher. This will enable the student to be involved in class instructions and discussions.

  • Note - depending on which homeroom the student is in, the livestream class may be led by a different teacher and the class may be at a slightly different place in the curriculum. There is only one class scheduled live streamed in each grade.

  • Live streaming is intended as an additional support. If the inconsistency of the curriculum timing is too confusing, the student absent for longer periods of time can rely solely on the Daily Postings from their own teachers on Class Pages. Mrs. Bakker (our Off Campus Education Assistant) will make contact with students who have missed 5 or more days to provide any additional support that might be needed.


Additional Note:

  • Teachers will continue to be available through emails and zoom to provide support and clarification. Please view the Unified Classroom Class Pages before seeking clarification as they can become bombarded with needless questions such as “what did I miss today” when it has already been answered on Class Pages. 

  • If a student receives regular resource support, Mrs. Yang or Mrs. Garcia will be connecting with those students to strive to support their learning from home.

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