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Parking Lot Traffic Flow

Below are the current traffic flow diagrams for both Elementary and Junior High. The "Kiss and Go" lane has been extended, and is now referred to as "Elementary Lot 1". The "Elementary Lot 2" parking stalls are highlighted below. The app allows us to dismiss your children when you have arrived, and allows us to help them navigate to where you are parked. 

COVID Elementary Lot WEB 2021.jpg

In Junior High, there will be two lanes when driving into the lot, with two drop off points: the first will be the Junior High sidewalk, and the second will be a designated crosswalk. Please follow the zipper merge protocol when exiting the lot. We have also designated a "left hand turn only" exit onto Bridleridge Heights. Please view the video below for full details.

When the drop off/pick up lanes are full, you will be directed to either find a parking spot or to circle around until there is an available spot in the lanes. If you are parked on the street, please exit your vehicle and go to your child's designated entrance/exit as per the map below, and wait outside. Once there, choose the "Walk off Campus" option and announce your arrival.

If you have more than one student and are parked on the street, please arrange for a designated outdoor meeting spot in advance so your children can find you easily. Once again, walk to the designated meeting spot before you choose the "Walk off Campus" option and announce. Please visit the PikMyKid page for details on announcing your arrival.

COVID Jr High Lot Web.jpg
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