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Here is a brief "how to navigate Schoology" video courtesy of our own Mr. Knibbe.

Welcome to Schoology, our GCA student/parent platform that allows you to track the progress of your students during the school year, as well as follow our event calendars, find our various resources and more. To get started, you will receive an email from Schoology with the following content:

Schoology Email 1A.jpg

Click on the link provided to activate your Schoology account. The following screen will appear.

Schoology Email 2.jpg

Proceed by clicking on the "Log in" button. The following screen will come up.

Schoology Email 3A.jpg

Choose a new password, noting the password strength prompt beside it. 

Schoology Email 3.jpg

Once you have created a strong new password, and confirmed and submitted it, you will see a green bar up top that has noted that your password has changed. At this time, click on the gold GCA logo on the top left of the screen to enter the home page of your Schoology account. More details on how to navigate through the Schoology program will be provided in September. 

To log back into Schoology at any time, please visit and choose 'Log In'.

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