• Colleen Allan and Team


What a great first day!

Today was an amazing day.  We started off with a Spanish language lesson and each team made up dramatic presentations of Children's Bible stories which we will use in church tomorrow.

After taco lunch, Pastor Dave and Mrs. Nelson's team went to Pastor Victor's church to put on a Children's Valentine party.  The other two teams visited the border wall to pray and check out the Tijuana beach. Tonight our speaker, Jud Stade, challenged us that Christianity without Jesus is meaningless.  When we live with Jesus we have L-I-F-E!! It's been a great experience already. The students have been so fun - fully engaged  and full of laughter.

Tomorrow each team heads off to a different church. After church Pastor Dave & Mrs. Nelson's team will head off to the border wall and then Missions 101.  Mr. Robertson & Mrs. Guenter's team will head off to the dump to visit families who live there.  Mr. Tennant and Mrs. Allan's team will head off to an orphanage to play games and do some painting.

Check back tomorrow

to hear how it went.

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