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We are nearing the end of another beautiful day here in Tijuana. We are all eager to begin the build, but have been enjoying these days of preparation. 

Teams blue and yellow spent the morning at the market in Rosarito, and had lots of fun making their way through the aisles and finding some hidden gems. (We are, however, considering a class on financial stewardship when we return…). During this time, the other teams (orange and green) had a powerful experience visiting a local church and taking part in their service. The pastor had a few students share testimonies and you could sense the power of God in the room. The service was followed by lunch at the church. 

Blue and yellow went for tacos again, before taking the bus to their church experience. After arriving, students handed out invitations to local residents and then took part in an afternoon church service at a church plant. We made up most of the congregation and the attendees were very welcoming. The worship is loud and active, and students enjoyed joining in with tambourines. Two students shared their testimonies, and the pastor spoke a word of encouragement. It was great to see students connecting with the kids during the service as well!

After returning to the base, students ate dinner and are just now preparing for some worship around the campfire. We are so the proud of these students and the way they are responding so far. God is definitely at work and we continue to pray for encounters with Him!

Have a blessed evening!

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